Nicky Mazur
Hands-on art director with strengths and passions that extend into illustration, motion design, and branding.



Currently working as an Art Director at Weber Shandwick, while occasionally taking on freelance projects. 


What I'm up to now. 

Updated: November 25, 2017



Residing & frolicking in:

Chicago, IL

What I'm working on:

  • Getting schooled and geeking out on all things motion over at MoGraph Mentor.
  • Mini content series with Adé Hogue around the throes of modern dating that we are calling 'Mixed Messages.'

A few goals for 2018:

  • Complete full MoGraph Mentor course
  • Speak at a conference/organize a talk around the value of relentless curiosity
  • Illustrate a label for a beer, wine, or spirits line
  • Complete a full round of BBG
  • Plan a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia 

What I'm reading: 

  • 'Wind-up Bird Chronicle' by Haruki Murakami
  • 'Work for Money, Design for Love' by David Airey

Recent accolades:

  • Adobe Creative Jam – PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD & JUDGES CHOICE AWARD - 2nd Place, 2017
  • Typeforce 8 – Exhibition Artist, 2017
  • 48 Hour Film Fest – BEST FILM, 2nd Place, 2016

On my mind:

  • How can I add more value?
  • Where'd I put my Tamagotchi? 
  • I miss Vine.

What I'm groovin' to:

inspiration for this page:
Austin Saylor & now now now



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