Nicky Mazur
Hands-on art director with strengths and passions that extend into illustration, motion design, and branding.


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Being Your Own Success

Do what you love is the best advice I can give. Don’t limit yourself to one; try them all. Learn them all. You can learn anything that you put the time into. A school doesn’t make you successful — only you can motivate yourself to. As George Harrison of the Beatles said, ‘it’s all in the head, you know?

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Back to the Basics

The thought was around that ‘New Age luh’ — the flawed communication in texting, jumping to conclusions, emojis, and exclamation marks to compensate for the lack of tonality and body language. We had very different interpretations behind the common texting tropes and wanted to create a back and forth visual series — to extend the conversation. ‘Mixed Messages’ was adopted as my project theme and I dove into the first week’s assignment. Stoked to blow out style frames for the series!

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'Bout To Get School'd

I’m 2.5 years into the post-college-sphere, getting a taste of all the common adulthood tropes: taking my coffee black; spending 60% of my headspace thinking how much I should work out; and hyperventilating during tax season, at every bill I get, and when Whole Foods is out of coconut cashew butter.

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