Nicky Mazur
Hands-on art director with strengths and passions that extend into illustration, motion design, and branding.


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Being Your Own Success

Do what you love is the best advice I can give. Don’t limit yourself to one; try them all. Learn them all. You can learn anything that you put the time into. A school doesn’t make you successful — only you can motivate yourself to. As George Harrison of the Beatles said, ‘it’s all in the head, you know?

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Gettin' in Good with Your Aesthetic

Mustering up and cultivating my own specific aesthetic and style is something I’ve been tripping over lately. My work seems to go in all too many directions, as I keep dabbling in different mediums that excite me. I haven’t felt further away from a clear consistency in my work or an established style. And at the very least, it’s frustrating and summons doubt and question — am I truly defining myself as an artist with authenticity?

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Luring Out the Green Monkey

The Green Monkey is a 16 million dollar racehorse. Otherwise known to be highly sought over and majestic as hell. This is how I personify what a dope solution or innovative idea is in the industry we work in. We want to try to navigate the conversation with our clients in a way that can lure out the best possible work, something that goes beyond their expectations, and even goes beyond ours.

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A: Every time I do something, I think — am I getting better at what I’m doing? Am I pushing myself when I take on the right projects? Or am I taking shortcuts, and doing it quickly for the money or because I don’t have enough time to do it?

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