Nicky Mazur
Hands-on art director with strengths and passions that extend into illustration, motion design, and branding.


2017 Thoughts


My curiosity lead me to some pretty awesome and unexpected places in 2016, and I have ultra-high intentions to make this year the most creative, worthwhile one yet. January was for getting my toes wet in the new year — but now, it’s time to get going on some goals.

My Big Kahuna Goal

I have some serious ever-growing neurosis around the hundreds of incomplete thoughts cluttering my notes app. It’s a pretty extensive thought dump — half-baked ideas, one-off goals, places to go, drawn-out heated email drafts, something cool that someone said that I liked, etc.

Actively expressing complete thoughts is my largest area of focus this year. Therefore, I’m ‘bout to pop a squat in the blogosphere and talk about the topics I pretend to know something about on the reg. I know what you’re thinking — ‘Says the girl who got 8 weeks into an ambitious 52 week project and then peace’d’ — But, this is different!


As an art director, design decisions are my responsibility. And to clearly articulate those very subjective, ambiguous ideas and decisions is often life and death (for business that is). In theory, I’ve got the weight of my entire career on the line for this! So — christ alive — this really will be different.

Rough Outline of My Goals

I’m currently enrolled in an online motion design course, and every week we have a live lecture called Career Lab. The first week was about defining our personal and professional goals, making them real by writing them down, and understanding the sacrifices we’ll need to make.


  • Attend more local meet-ups to grow connections with awesome film, motion, and design peeps.
  • Work on more creative projects that’d I’d be mega-proud to share.
  • Be transparent, accessible, and share my process often.
  • Form daily habit of honing skillset and experimenting with style.
  • Finish all 32 weeks of my design course.
  • Update my website.


  • Get more acquainted with body — what effects me negatively/positively.
  • Form a daily morning habit of exercising.
  • Make fast and sincere decisions. Follow through.
  • Pay off student loans.